Zipbolt Mitre connectors from Quest

Zipbolt Mitre,
Is a truly flexible
connector for any
angle between 90
and 180 degrees.

Suitable for a variety of application from
furniture construction to staircase design.

  • Zipbolt Mitre connectors from Quest
  • Zipbolt Mitre connectors from Quest
  • Zipbolt Mitre connectors from Quest
The Zipbolt UT
requires a simple 5mm Allen key or hex bit as a driving tool and this ensures a very positive engagement
The NEW all metal Zipbolts which now have diecast gear housing are more durable and are able to achieve even higher torque levels than previously
Installation - dowel hole drilling machines and CNC equipment
The NEW die cast "Open Channel" housing is a major development by Zipbolt which allows the housing to be placed over the shaft easily engaging the thread and positioning the housing at the right height even if the hole was bored too deep.
Suitable for both wood panels and composite materials
fast and easy time saving installation


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