Zipbolt fastfit from Quest

Zipbolt Fastfit,
Self tightening one piece
knock-down connector.

Connector for corner joints

  • Zipbolt Zipbolt Fastfit from Quest
  • Zipbolt Zipbolt Fastfit from Quest
  • Zipbolt Fastfit from Quest
  • Zipbolt Fastfit from Quest
The Fastfit is truly a one piece - one step connector
this new
generation of knockdown connector continues to incorporate Zipbolts Patented gear drive technology to achieve a new approach to furniture/cabinet assembly
fast and easy time saving installation
Fastfit uses a unique mechanism to conceal the thread within the dowel section and then using the gear drive exits the thread to bite directly into the wall of the hole producing a very strong anchor
Suitable for both wood panels and composite materials
Installation - dowel hole drilling machines and CNC equipment


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