Striplox 50 from Quest

Striplox Clip 50,
versatile and strong
connector for use
where access is limited.

Alignment positions are a feature of
this product for fast accurate installation.

  • Striplox Clip 540 from Quest
  • Striplox Clip 540 from Quest
  • Striplox Clip 540 from Quest
No visible fixings
Eliminates damage
A key feature of the Striplox Clip 50 is that the Key portion has the ability to swivel to allow accurate lock up in any direction
Cabinetry supplied flat pack so lower delivery costs
No tools or trade skills required for assembly
Cabinetry or panels can be fitted permanently or removed and re-used with ease
Strength, Durability and Versatility
Mounting options glue and or screw fix


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