Knapp Walco V60 and V80 from Quest

Knapp Walco V60,
and V80 The wall
connector for timber
frame construction
up to 14 kN.

Fast and accurate on-site assembly - prefabricated walls
are assembled without screw on-site.

  • Knapp Walco V60 from Quest
  • Knapp Walco V80 from Quest
Screw collar and collar bolts are screwed directly in the component with or without interlayer
Particularly easy retraction of the locking screw by generously shaped receiving hopper (V system)
Applicable to timber, steel or concrete
Hang on end walls and connected subsequently to partitioning
The WALCO® V holding screw is the counter part to the connector. It comes in four different versions.
Timber width from 80 mm upwards
ETA additionally with hardwood material


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