Knapp Ricon from Quest

Knapp Ricon,
The connector for
main and secondary
beam to 26 kN

Connector for post-beam wood-glass-facade.

  • Knapp Ricon 60x40 from Quest
  • Knapp Ricon 80x40 from Quest
  • Knapp Ricon 100x40 from Quest
  • Knapp Ricon 120x40 from Quest
  • Knapp Ricon 140x40 from Quest
  • Knapp Ricon 160x40 from Quest
Hot Dip Galvanised

RICON® consists of two identical parts. It is made of premium quality steel and ist hot-dip galvanized and made in Austria.


Approved for eccentric loads up to 860 kg glass.

Simple screwing without pre drilling
Ideal for post-beam wood-glass-facade
Optional Clip Lock

Clip in the stainless spring steel stirrup into the locating slots prior to final assembly. It locks the connection against the slide-in direction and can be released again.

Compatible with alu-profiles

RP, Schüco, MBJ, Guttmann, RAICO, Stabalux and many more.

Timber width from only 50 mm upwards
ETA additionally with hardwood material


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