Knapp Ricon S from Quest

Knapp Ricon S,
The connector for
main and secondary
beam to 100 kN.

Connector for timber frame,
wood frame buildings and halls.

  • Knapp Ricon S 200x60x25 from Quest
  • Knapp Ricon S 140x60x25 from Quest
  • Knapp Ricon S 200x80x25 from Quest
  • Knapp Ricon S 290x80x25 from Quest
Hot Dip Galvanised

RICON S is made of premium hot-dip galvanised quality steel.

V-shape moulding

The V-shape moulding provides perfect catch for the collar bolt. The strong tension and the short slide-in alleviates the connecting and guarantees joint sealing.

Simple screwing without pre drilling
Applicable to timber, steel or concrete
Optional Clip Lock

made from stainless sprung steel, locks the connection against slide-in direction and can optionally be used for stress against slide-in direction and suction.

Multi Variations

There are different versions of the collar bolt available for RICON S which offer four different options.

Timber width from 100 mm upwards
ETA additionally with hardwood material


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