Knapp Megant from Quest

Knapp Megant,
The heavy-duty
connector for timber
construction engineering
up to 500 kN

Short crane times by a high degree of,
prefabrication – only 2 cm hooking way.

  • Knapp Megant 530x60x40 from Quest
  • Knapp Megant 430x60x40 from Quest
  • Knapp Megant 310x60x40 from Quest
  • Knapp Megant 530x100x40 from Quest
  • Knapp Megant 430x100x40 from Quest
  • Knapp Megant 310x100x40 from Quest
  • Knapp Megant 550x150x50 from Quest
  • Knapp Megant 430x150x50 from Quest
  • Knapp Megant 310x150x50 from Quest
Fire protection three sided concealed jointless installation
Load Range standard sizes up to 428 kN, customized solutions up to 500 kN
Unique – mounting possible from all directions without tilting
Connection options
for timber, steel or concrete
Loadable in all directions
Short crane times by a high degree of prefabrication – only 2 cm hooking way
Timber width from 100 mm upwards
Dismountable – installed to connect and rebuild
ETA-assessment for solid and glued laminated timber of soft- and hardwood


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