Knapp Gigant from Quest

Knapp Gigant,
The connector for
main and secondary
beam to 29.8 kN

Applications for porch, pergola, sun room
and prefabricated house construction.

  • Knapp Gigant 120x40 from Quest
  • Knapp Gigant 150x40 from Quest
  • Knapp Gigant 180x40 from Quest
Dove-tail for an easy positioning. The starting angle brings the connector into tension and offers an easy mounting.
Fire resistance (DIN 4102-2) by 4-sided concealed mounting
Simple screwing without pre drilling
Applicable to timber, steel or concrete
Optional Clip Lock saves against the hooking direction (e.g. wind suction)
Dismounting and remounting possible for several times
Timber width from 60 mm upwards
ETA additionally with hardwood material


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